Georgia is a multicultural country, where age-old traditions and contemporary art come together. Today's art embodies a dynamic fusion of diverse materials, techniques, concepts, and subjects in a globally influenced, culturally varied, and technologically advancing world.


The architecture in Georgia defines social and cultural dynamic that occurred during different ages. The Eclectic mix (blend) of styles is influenced by various cultures. Georgia is also the land to the most distinguished monuments that has also been recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage site.


Georgian Fashion scene is a living organism whose driving force consists of various people in the industry. They are designers, brand owners, sales managers, buyers, models, photographers, the list is endless. Our goal would be to show you their path, consisting of achievements and struggles. We want it to be very insightful and deep. A great team of dedicated people will help you see the structure of fashion from a very different angle. You will be able to meet the working force behind and people who influenced them and helped them grow - those who are mostly left behind the scenes as well as the stories that are often left unsaid.

literature & poetry

History of the broader Georgian literature spans a period of nearly 1,500 years, with remarkable pieces of literature, poetry, and mystery-filled biographies of local trailblazers of the written word painting a truly unique picture of the nation’s trials and tribulations, fiascos and victories, and the inexhaustible pursuit of freedom.

dance & music

Georgia is renowned for its richness in music and dance that spans over the centuries. Georgian rich and still vibrant traditional music is primarily known as arguably the earliest polyphonic tradition of the Christian world. Georgian polyphony has been arguably listed as an invaluable and priceless tradition by the Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity. Georgian dance is a celebration of life and of Georgia’s rich and diverse culture. Georgian folk dances impress with their brightness, incredible fire, sumptuous costumes and the interweaving of history with art.


Local lifestyle is as diverse as the land itself, with unique rhythm, customs and values across each of its distinct communities. Georgia, a true melting pot for centuries, continues to preserve its earliest traditions while following in the footsteps of the ever-changing modern world.